Friday, February 22, 2008

powerful amman manntra

Durga is the godess prevailing all over the universe. The entire energy what is there in the visible and invisible worlds is personified and called with reverence Durga, durga ma. The godess durga is the personification of entire energy. starting from wind power, heat engery to atomic energy and beyond it. We are in this energy. Energy is in us, around us . This energy is called Durga. Other names of durga ma are kali, chandi, gowri, parvathi, kaamakshi amma, and unending.godess durga and durga picture, durga mata , durga temple, durga goddess, durga godess, hindu god durga, godess durga.
powerful mantra:
kaatyayanaya vidmahe
kanya kumari dhi mahi;
Tanno durgi prachodayat!